You work hard all your life to get established professionally and then you find your focus gradually turning to one question:  How can I achieve financial freedom so I can minimize stress and start to really enjoy life?

Many busy executives dream about starting their own business and being their own boss but can’t sacrifice a regular income for the 3-5 years it takes for a start-up to become successful.  MLG’s Freedom Line is a coaching program that transforms executives into entrepreneurs.  It takes you through the business set-up process, while you’re still employed, and gets you ready to make the cross-over when the time is right.

The program applies the very simple theory that financial freedom is when your passive income exceeds your monthly expenses.  Your MLG family coordinator will handle the company set up and manage all the logistics while you monitor the progress using our unique online platform.  You can remain in your current employment until the company is established and the cash flow has stabilized.

Have you ever seen friends and loved ones in a family dispute over an inheritance?  Do you worry how your family will react?  MLG Family Office has the expertise to help in these sensitive situations.

MLG’s Legacy  Line guides you through your personal succession planning in a way that streamlines the transfer to the next generation, while at the same time capturing the essence of your life’s accomplishments.  The ultimate goal is to ensure your wishes are met while establishing a lasting tribute that reflects your philanthropic ideals.

Our proprietary Legacy Line planning method is uncomplicated and cost effective.  One of our MLG experts partners with you for the long-term and helps you adapt your plans as your financial situation evolves.  MLG uses either Shariá or non-Shariá compliant guidelines in accordance with your preference.  From wealth transfer to the consolidation of assets into a family corporate structure or assistance in second citizenship applications, your personal estate planning coordinator will make sure that your wealth is protected.  And, with our online platform, you can be reassured that we’ll be with you no matter where you go.